From the mind of acclaimed creator Amemiya Keita (“Kamen Rider ZO”, “Zeiram”) with action direction by Yokoyama Makoto (“Power Rangers”) and scripts by Kaji Kengo (“Uzumaki”), GARO is one of the most long-lived and successful Tokusatsu series ever made in Japan. 
The first series was originally broadcast in 2005 and was widely acclaimed as the first Tokusatsu show targeted to a young adult ~ adult audience. 
Since then, dozens of live action television series, films, tv & film specials and anime series have been released, expanding the world of GARO into one of the most elaborate and fascinating universes ever created around a live action hero.
The storyline revolves around the concept of a dark energy called Inga that’s been created since the beginning of time by mankind's malice. Inga seeps into the Makai World, which is inhabited by parasitic and predatory demons called Horrors. Ever hungry for more Inga, they cross over into the human world to possess and devour people to satiate their hunger. This leads the humans to create the Makai Order to fight them. Consisting of priests and knights, they are the shadows that protect humanity from the Horrors. 

Today, to celebrate

15 years from the first broadcast, producer TFC is making

the remastered edition of the very first series available worldwide

on YouTube with English subtitles!

Discover the first two episodes right now from the link below!

Konishi HIROki is   

The hero of this story, he’s a 25 year old Makai Knight who fights against the Horrors. He is the descendant of the only family bestowed with the title and the armor of GARO, the highest rank among Makai Knights. At a first approach, he’s not the most sociable kind of guy, and this will end causing some major misunderstanding with Kaoru. 

Hijii Mika is   


She’s a 23 year old would-be painter who does various part-time jobs to make a living and earn enough to buy painting tools. She meets Koga in an art gallery during her first exhibition, but she gets involved in a battle between him and a Horror, eventually getting exposed to the Horror’s blood. This makes her the target of repeated attacks and physically endangers her life. 

Hotaru YukijirO is   


The 67 year old butler of the Saejima house, he comes from a family that has served the Makai Knights for generations. He pledges his loyalty to Koga, and Koga also has absolute trust in him, seeing in him a father-figure.

MAsaki KyOmoto is   


He is a famous psychiatrist who has released many bestsellers and regularly appears on TV programs. Kaoru attends his clinic as a patient.


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